Understanding Travel Restrictions

Understanding Travel Restrictions

  • Take Dialect Into Consideration When Requesting An Interpreter

    The first step toward ensuring that a non-English-speaking client or patient knows what is going on during an interaction is to have an interpreter, but the process doesn't end there. That interpreter needs to know multiple dialects of the language to ensure that no other confusion is introduced into the discussion. Using the wrong dialect to translate can be futile if the dialect is not that mutually intelligible with the dialect that the client or patient speaks.

  • Myrtle Beach Resorts: 4 Types Of Rainy-Day Activities For Families

    Planning a proper beach vacation is often dictated by the weather. A rainy day may seem to spoil your beach vacation, but if it is planned properly, then you can still get the most out of your vacation. When choosing a Myrtle Beach resort for your family vacation, you do not need to stay cooped up in your room until the rain passes away. Choosing the right resort can come with plenty of activities to keep a family busy while enjoying your time on vacation.

  • Pet Travels: 4 Ways To Experience The Southern Oregon Coast With Your Dog

    Instead of boarding their pets or hiring a sitter, many people have decided to bring their canines along with them while traveling. Traveling with a dog can open up a lot of different opportunities and experiences, but there is also extra planning that is needed to ensure everything goes smoothly. When visiting the southern Oregon coast, it's important to plan out activities and locations that your pet is allowed to visit.

  • Disabled And Unable To Drive? What Are Your Best Transportation Options?

    If you've recently suffered a debilitating injury or illness that has left you unable to drive, you may be at a loss as to how to get around to run errands like grocery shopping, go to doctor's appointments, or visit family members. This is even more true if you live in an area without a strong public transportation system with handicap-accessible bus ramps and subway elevators. Fortunately, the aging Baby Boomer population has led to a boom in the number of private transportation options for those who are no longer able to drive.

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Understanding Travel Restrictions

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