Understanding Travel Restrictions

Understanding Travel Restrictions

Myrtle Beach Resorts: 4 Types Of Rainy-Day Activities For Families

by Eva Morris

Planning a proper beach vacation is often dictated by the weather. A rainy day may seem to spoil your beach vacation, but if it is planned properly, then you can still get the most out of your vacation. When choosing a Myrtle Beach resort for your family vacation, you do not need to stay cooped up in your room until the rain passes away. Choosing the right resort can come with plenty of activities to keep a family busy while enjoying your time on vacation. Having a back-up plan is ideal and this is why you should easily prepare with four types of rainy-day activities for you and your family. Choosing the proper hotel and resort can make a huge difference when planning out each of these activities.

Indoor Water Parks

The rain that occurs does not need to put a damper in your swimming plans. Instead, you can stay at a Myrtle Beach resort that features an indoor water park. An indoor water park features climate control, heated water, and plenty of rides that can rival the natural waves of the ocean. You and your children can enjoy water slides, aquatic playgrounds, or relaxing areas like a lazy river. Not only are these water parks ideal for rainy days, but many are open at night, offering an extended opportunity to swim and enjoy the water. When booking a resort stay, look into package deals that include water park admission. This can save you a lot of money instead of purchasing separate water park tickets when the time comes.

Recreational Sports

Even when it's raining, you and your family can stay active within the hotel that you're staying at. On a basic level, a number of hotels feature fitness rooms where you can use treadmills or lift weights. When looking for activities for the whole family, you can book hotels with recreational activities like a bowling alley. It's easy to spend a few hours by bowling a couple of games and enjoying some family-friendly competition. Resorts may also have access to pool tables or ping-pong tables. This gives you a variety of options to choose from as you try to kill time through the rainy weather.


Kids can get bored quickly, so a rainstorm may dampen their mood while on vacation. Help turn their mood around by booking a hotel that features an arcade. Large arcades have a variety of games that children can explore. This includes competitive games like air-hockey, classic games like a pinball machine, or modern games that disburse tickets for winning. Children can collect tickets and earn prizes through a number of arcade redemption centers. As you book your room, look for arcade packages that includes a set amount of credits for each in the arcade. This is a great back-up plan that can keep the children entertained while you enjoy some of the adult activities like bars and concert venues.


A number of Myrtle Beach hotels are within walking distance to major shopping centers. As the rain falls, you can easily kill a few hours by visiting a variety of stores and having access to all types of shopping opportunities. There are a number of souvenir shops directly related to Myrtle Beach. At these stores, you can purchase t-shirts, magnets, and other collectibles directly related to your vacation. Myrtle Beach is also home to multiple outlet centers. These outlet stores feature discounted products from a number of major brands. The shopping centers also offer plenty of places to eat and enjoy a meal. You can relax and see exactly when the rain ends while shopping at these locations.

By planning ahead, your family can prepared for all of the elements that come with a beach vacation. A proper back-up plan can go a long way in creating fun vacation memories.


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