Understanding Travel Restrictions

Understanding Travel Restrictions

Pet Travels: 4 Ways To Experience The Southern Oregon Coast With Your Dog

by Eva Morris

Instead of boarding their pets or hiring a sitter, many people have decided to bring their canines along with them while traveling. Traveling with a dog can open up a lot of different opportunities and experiences, but there is also extra planning that is needed to ensure everything goes smoothly. When visiting the southern Oregon coast, it's important to plan out activities and locations that your pet is allowed to visit. By figuring out everything ahead of time, you can ensure that your vacation goes smoothly and the dog is not left behind. There four different ways to experience the southern Oregon Coast with your dog. This includes exploring nature, meeting other dogs, and giving you options for extended stays.

Meyers Beach

One of the biggest attractions in the Oregon Coast area are the natural beaches that feed into the Pacific Ocean. Meyers Beach is located in the Gold Beach area and features multiple miles of sand beaches and trails to explore. One of the biggest highlights of these beaches is the pet-friendly policy. Dogs are allowed on this beach as long as they have a leash. You can explore the sandy areas or make your way towards the stacks of rocks during a low tide. The rocky areas are fun to explore and offer low levels of water for your dog to walk on and stay cooled off. The beach is great for taking pictures of your dog, especially at sunset when you can enjoy the dramatic light on the water.

McVay Rock State Recreation Site

Allow you dog to go off the leash and interact with other dogs at the McVay Rock State Recreation Site. Located right near the ocean, the place has a fenced-in dog park that allows you to let your pet roam free. The dog park offers spectacular views and is a great way to meet local residents or other tourists. Once your dog is done in the park, you can walk them around other areas on the site. This includes beach areas and elevated trails with nice views of the ocean.

Francis Shrader Old Growth Trail

Along with beaches, there are a lot of natural forests in the southern Oregon coast region. One of the more pet-friendly forest areas is the Francis Shrader Old Growth Trail. The trail has easy terrain for your dog to travel on and features low elevation that makes it easy to explore. The trail features trees and plants that are hundreds of years old and have thrived in the area since before the place was discovered and settled in. Along with the natural trail areas, there are numerous bridges that you can travel across with your dog. It's a great place to experience history and take in the fresh air with your pet.

Pet Friendly Hotels

As you visit the southern Oregon coast, you do not want to limit yourself to just a day trip. By booking a room at a pet friendly hotel, you can bring your dog and stay for multiple days within the area. When looking for the best places to stay on southern Oregon coast, you should inquire about specifically bringing your pet. When booking a pet friendly room, you will likely be placed on a lower floor with easy access to outdoor areas. There is typically an additional charge to keep your pet in the room, but this is often a one-time fee. Pet friendly hotels can also provide you with information on nearby resources like pet supply stores or vets. This can help with any emergency situations or needs for your dog. Staying at a hotel with your dog can be a great experience that really extends the amount of time you have to explore the Oregon coastal area.

Traveling with a dog may come with challenges, but things are made a lot easier when you plan ahead.


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Understanding Travel Restrictions

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