Understanding Travel Restrictions

Understanding Travel Restrictions

Consider These Points When You Buy Monthly Airport Parking

by Eva Morris

If you're a frequent traveler who often leaves their vehicle at their local airport for extended periods of time, it can make sense to buy a monthly parking pass. Paying for a month's worth of parking instead of paying day by day will typically save you money, as well as prevent the time investment of making multiple individual payments several times over the course of a given month. Large airports will commonly have several different long-term parking options for you to consider. While the monthly cost might be the first thing that you think about, here are some additional points that can help to influence your decision.


It's worthwhile to evaluate the location of different long-term parking lots around the airport. Some of these lots will be just a short walking distance to the terminal, while others will be situated farther away. If you often find yourself running late when you have to travel, you'll likely want to buy your pass at the closest lot so that you don't have a long walk to reach the terminal. If you like the idea of walking a bit before you sit on an airplane for a few hours, a lot that is farther away may be a desirable choice.


Some airport parking lots are open, while others are enclosed with roofs. The latter style typically has multiple levels on which you can park. Open lots can often be more affordable, but the drawback is that if you travel during the winter, you may have to clear snow off your car when you return to the lot. Conversely, enclosed lots will keep your car clean and dry, allowing you to simply get in and drive off. If you're the type of person who parks in your garage at home to avoid having to clear snow off your vehicle, you'll likely favor a long-term lot that has a roof.


Take some time to evaluate the various amenities that are often available at lots around the airport. The amenities can vary considerably. Some lots have on-site car washes, which can be handy if you want to clean your car after it's been sitting for several days. You'll also find lots that have valet service. At this type of lot, you simply wait in a designated area while a valet retrieves your vehicle and pulls it up in front of you. 

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Understanding Travel Restrictions

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