Understanding Travel Restrictions

Understanding Travel Restrictions

Eco-Friendly Decisions To Make During Your Vacation Rental Stay

by Eva Morris

If you're someone who takes pride in making decisions that are friendly to the environment, it's important that you keep this mindset when you travel. If you've recently booked a stay at a vacation home rental, you should think about the steps that you can take to be environmentally friendly. Running the air conditioner only when you're at the dwelling can be a good first step, but there are other things that you can feel good about doing. Here are some eco-friendly decisions that you can make when you visit a vacation rental.

Pack Your Own Toiletries

Vacation rental owners will often provide toiletries for their guests to use, much in the same way as hotels do. While it might be tempting to use a small bar of soap that you find in the bathroom, the problem with this idea is that the vacation rental owner will likely discard it after your stay. Instead of doing something that adds waste to the local landfill, it's a good idea to travel with your own toiletries. You can buy all sorts of products, including shampoo, conditioner, and soap, in small quantities that won't take up much space in your luggage that you can use during your stay.

Skip The Single-Use Plates And Cutlery

Some vacation rentals have a selection of plastic and paper plates, cutlery, and cups that guests can use. While some people may find these items to be convenient, the problem with using them is that they'll be thrown out after your stay. If your vacation rental home has cutlery, glasses, and plates in the kitchen cupboards, using these items and washing them yourself is a good way to prevent unnecessary waste during your stay.

Be Conscientious About Your Towel Use

Every time someone uses a washing machine and dryer, there is a small environmental impact. Another thing that you can do during your vacation is to be conscientious about how you use the home's towels. For example, if you will be swimming in a pool in the backyard, don't just reach for a new towel each time you go for a dip. Instead, take one towel at the start of your visit and hang it to dry when it gets wet. You can continue using this one towel for the entirety of your stay, rather than using several which would require the owner to do more laundry than necessary.


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Understanding Travel Restrictions

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