Understanding Travel Restrictions

Understanding Travel Restrictions

4 Essential Packing Tips for a Sailing Tour Vacation

by Eva Morris

Sailing through the waters of some exotic location is a unique and enjoyable way to spend a vacation. But packing for a private sailing tour can be different from packing for a land-based vacation, or even for a cruise on a huge ship. Take a look at some essential packing tips that will ensure that you have what you need on your sailing tour.

Keep Clothing to a Minimum

Resist the impulse to overpack when it comes to clothes. You will almost certainly be wearing a swimsuit, t-shirt, shorts, shoes, and a hat on most days, if not all days. Those are the clothes you must have.  

You should bring a sweater because the wind can be chilly in the evenings. You may want to bring one dressy outfit, in case you stop at an island that happens to have an upscale restaurant or club that you want to visit. Anything more than that is liable to be overkill. This isn't a cruise ship; you won't be expected to dress for dinner.

Skip the Big Suitcases

Cabins on a boat only have so much space, and storage space is minimal elsewhere as well. It's best to conserve space however you can. Those large hard shell suitcases and rolling suitcases are only going to be in your way.

Instead, use duffle bags, backpacks, or other collapsible luggage that can easily be stored in a small space. You'll be glad not to have to trip over your suitcases for the entire trip, and if you have a roommate, they'll be grateful too.

Bring Cash Just in Case

One of the fun things about a sailing tour is the chance to check out small islands that you may not get to see on another type of vacation. However, in many cases, the businesses on these tiny islands aren't set up to take credit cards and may not have ATMs.

You probably don't need a lot of cash, but you should definitely have some. Be sure to store it in a waterproof case or wallet – salt water gets everywhere when you're sailing.

Don't Underestimate Your Need for Sunscreen

Pack as much sunscreen as you think you'll need; then pack some more. And don't forget to use it.

When you're on a sailboat, it's easy to forget the dangers of the sun beating down on you. Because of the wind and the saltwater spray, it's possible that you'll never feel uncomfortably hot. But that doesn't stop the sun from causing a painful sunburn. You need to wear your sunscreen all day, every day, so make sure that you pack accordingly.

The more prepared you are for your sailing trip, the more fun you'll have. Proper packing will help ensure that you're ready for your adventure. 


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Understanding Travel Restrictions

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