Understanding Travel Restrictions

Understanding Travel Restrictions

Potential Advantages Of Taking Walking Tours

by Eva Morris

When traveling, there are many options available to see the local sites. You can join a tour group, arrange for private tours, or just wander around on your own. Sometimes one of the best ways to get a real feel for the area is to take one of the walking tours available. 

Get Your Exercise

One problem people tend to have when on vacation is weight gain. It's typical to eat at restaurants for most or all meals, which can mean eating a lot more calories than you usually do when eating at home. Add the usual decrease in activity levels and you have a recipe for weight gain. Instead of hopping onto a tour bus, consider signing up for a walking tour. Yes, it will take longer to see the sites and it will require more effort, but you'll be burning off some of those extra calories and getting a more close up view of the location. 

A Better View

Whizzing through town on a tour bus, all of the attractions go by quite quickly and you don't necessarily get to get a good view of them, let alone a good picture. On a walking tour, you're moving much more slowly and you can stop to take a picture whenever you want to. This means you really get a better view and see more details of your local surroundings. You're not as isolated as you would be in the bubble of an air conditioned bus.

Many Options

There are walking tours that are meant for those who are very fit as well as those for people who just want to walk at a leisurely pace for an hour or two. Some tours involve large groups, but it's also possible to book private tours with a local guide, although these often cost more. Some cities have local volunteers who give these tours for free, although it's customary to give them a tip at the end of the tour. A tour may focus on the history of the region, its food, its natural beauty, or even where to find the best nightlife. 

Potential Considerations

Keep in mind that walking private tours will be a bit more strenuous than bus tours, so you do need to be at least somewhat fit. Check with the tour company to make sure you choose one that is suited for your fitness level. Wear comfortable footwear, such as sneakers or hiking boots, and bring water to drink as you go. Also, take the weather into consideration. You may need to wear sunscreen and sunglasses if you'll be out in the sun, or it could be a bit rainy and you could need a raincoat or an umbrella.


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Understanding Travel Restrictions

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