Understanding Travel Restrictions

Understanding Travel Restrictions

How To Honor High Producers In Your Business

by Eva Morris

Remember when you were a kid and you'd work extra hard at chores because there would be a treat involved? And, if you were at competition with other students, you probably did better at school, too. Kids grow up to be adults who like to be recognized for a job well done. If you are looking for ways to reward those in your business for their efforts, here are some ideas.

Acknowledge Good Performance Along The Way - A pat on the back when it's unexpected might be extra sweet.

  • Face-to-face praise is a simple and effective way to encourage workers. Saying something like, ​I like the way you formatted the letter I asked you to write, or Great job on getting the word out of our next meeting are just examples of many ways you can acknowledge positive actions.
  • A handwritten note left on a person's desk or a complimentary email are effective ways of letting a person know you appreciate his or her efforts.
  • Praise in front of business peers can go a long way, too. When you have regular meetings, acknowledge workers who have excelled in some way.

Provide Major Incentives For Major Goals - When you are shooting for extra high performance that will benefit your business, the rewards should match the job.

  • Be specific at the beginning of a campaign of what you are offering. It's important to put everything in writing and to make sure participants understand what you are offering. It's good to have a meeting to explain everything verbally, too.
  • A visual reward can be very effective. For example, an expensive piece of jewelry, a high dollar gift card, an original painting are just a few examples of visual rewards. Perhaps it would be good to have different rewards that match the individual's performance. For example, gift cards of different amounts would be awarded according to accomplishment.
  • Travel to a beautiful resort or another wonderful destination can be very effective incentives. A travel service who specializes in incentive travel will take care of every single thing you'll want to provide. Airline tickets will be purchased, hotel reservations will be made, restaurants selected, and even activities at the destination will be arranged. Cruises are a wonderful incentive. The travel service will even create gift bags or gift baskets for the participants to receive upon their arrival at their destination.

Keep careful notes of how effective you have been in honoring or acknowledging work well done. You'll be happy to have that information in the future.


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Understanding Travel Restrictions

As soon as I started traveling worldwide for work, I realized that I needed to work hard to understand the travel restrictions for some of the places where I would be going. After I tried to board a plane with a pack of playing cards to Germany and I was turned away, I realized that there were some finicky countries out there. I worked hard to research each and every place where I would be visiting, and within a few months I felt like I had the hang of things. This blog is filled with fun information about travel and tourism so that you can enjoy your travels and your work trips.