Understanding Travel Restrictions

Understanding Travel Restrictions

Four Reasons To Consider Vegas For Your Same Sex Marriage

by Eva Morris

If you are someone who is in love with someone of the same sex, it can sometimes be difficult to have a traditional wedding if you live in a small town. There are some people who are against homosexual relationships and could turn your wedding into a special, rather than a day of celebration and joy. If you are from a small town that has some people are not very accepting of your lifestyle, consider getting married at a chapel in Las Vegas. The following guide walks you through a few of the benefits to consider when it comes to getting married in Vegas.


Getting married in Vegas costs a fraction of what it would cost if you have a traditional ceremony with your friends and family in a large church. You do not have to worry about buying dresses or tuxes because the chapels often have them available for rent. Some chapels even have photographers, floral arrangements, and live music on site to make the ceremony even more special.


Getting married in Vegas is quick and easy. There are even some chapels that offer a drive-thru service so that you do not have even get out of your car to get married. The service will still be very beautiful, but you do not have to go through the hustle and bustle that comes with traditional wedding ceremonies at big churches.

Easy to Share

You will be able to get pictures of the ceremony and some chapels even offer you the ability to stream the wedding online so that your friends and family can see you and your loved one say your vows. All of the video and photo options are typically done by an experienced photographer so they are of great quality.


One of the best things about getting married in Vegas is the memories that you will make while you are there. You will always cherish the fun things that you got to do and see while you were in Vegas and can even return every year to celebrate your anniversary with one another.

Once you are married, you can take your wedding license back to your home town and be recognized as a married couple. The process allows you to celebrate your special day with the people who love you the most and avoid having anyone make a mockery of the event in your small home town. To learn more, contact a company like Georgios Banquets, Quality Inn & Suites Conference Centre


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Understanding Travel Restrictions

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